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Giovanni perrupato

Giovanni came from a family of Italian shoemakers who immigrated to Cuba. Giovanni was born in Havana. When he was 8 years old, his father sent him back to his Italian village, Saracena, a tiny mountain town with unpaved roads and chickens in the streets. He lived with his Godparents who were also shoemakers. His father came to New Jersey on New Years Eve, 1959 and settled in Hoboken.

He sent for his son a year later. They lived in a basement apartment at 628 Garden Street and opened the shoe store on November 16, 1960. The rent was $55 a month. For several years Giovanni worked in one of Hoboken’s many coat factories as a floor boy and helped his father in the store in the evenings and weekends. He has been working full time at the store since he was 15.

vincent perrupato

Vincent was born in South Miami. Starting at age nine, during the summers he would come to Hoboken and work with his father shining shoes and admiring the other shoemakers perform their magic. He returned for the summers throughout his teenage years.

His father decided to retire in 2010 (even though he still works everyday), and upon hearing that Vincent moved to Hoboken and has been working full time ever since. He is a proud father to his daughter Sophia.


Patrick was born and raised in Hoboken. He has been coming to the store since he was a child to visit his grandfather and grandmother who had also had her own shop as a seamstress behind the shoe store.

Patrick has been working as a fundraising/ development professional for a statewide non-profit organization. He is happy to continue the family tradition and work alongside his Dad and brother.

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