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Shoes aren’t our only specialty!

• Luggage • Zippers • Leather Jackets • Handbags • Attache Cases • Suitcases
We also specialize in miscellaneous leather cleaning and conditioning.


Shoe service the Italian way. Enjoy while you wait.


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Dry Cleaners

In a rush? That’s okay.

Look for this sign at your local dry cleaners. We’ll pick up your shoes, repair them and you can pick them up at the same place you left them.

Are you a dry cleaner who would like to offer expert and professional shoe, handbag and suitcase repair and cleaning services to your clientele? If you’re in our service area (below) and would like more information about our pick-up/drop-off service, please call Vincent at (201) 420-1639 or use our contact form.

Dry Cleaning Areas We Service

drop offs and phone numbers

AAA 201-420-6070
B&J 201-656-9004
Cameo 201-434-2300
Courtyard 201-216-1444
City Hall 201-659-8026
Elite 201-653-2000
Homerun 201-420-5070
V.I.P 201-222-9797
M.V.P. 201-459-0077
Park 201-792-1465
Shipyard #1 201-216-1123
Shipyard #2 201-714-4242
SouthPointe 201-222-5149
Smart 201-653-5645
Tiffany 201-798-0603
Tinker Taylor 201-418-9008
Yallies 201-865-4477
willow-hudson 201-714-4747
willow cleaners 201-533-0800
metropolitan 201-656-6730
lisa's 201-630-4656
tony q's 201-683-0237
julies 201-792-1611
grand cleaners 201-683-3931
friendly 201-792-4566
willow 201-533-0800
sky cleaners n/a
libery 201-433-8200

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